Why do Buddhist monks shave their heads?

It is told that monks tonsure to follow the legend that Sakyamuni Buddha shaved his head when he went out from his castle and started his ascetic training.

It’s also told that shaving their head shows their determination of casting aside their worldly attachment and of achieving enlightenment.


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  1. In Chinese old times, during Confuscious, it was stated that your body is from your parents. Even your hair is a gift from your parents which is why in olden times, Chinese men and woman did not cut their hair. Buddhist think that trouble comes from our thoughts, that is why hair is called the ‘three thousand trouble strands.’ So by learning Buddhism, a monk or nun has made a commitment to purify themselves and overcome all their troubles with the ambition of achieving enlightenment. That is why monks and nuns, shave their hair, to represent their determination to achieve enlightenment. They strive to cultivate their minds, abandoning all troubles and family ties. Of course shaving your head does not mean that you will achieve enlightenment but it represents one’s ambition.

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